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The US dollar (USD) is the official currency of the United States, and also widely used in international transactions. You might hear US dollars called greenbacks – a reference to the colour of the notes.

Oil – the most traded commodity on the planet – is priced, bought and sold using US dollars, as are a number of other important commodities. USD is also the most commonly used reserve currency in the world. This means that dollars play a unique role in the global economy – and keeping on top of USD currency news is important for governments as well as businesses and individuals.

Alongside the US and her territories, US dollars are used in a range of other countries including Ecuador, Panada, Cambodia and some islands in the Caribbean. If you’re headed away on a trip somewhere which uses USD, or need to make an international payment in dollars, you’ll want to find the latest exchange rate news. Up to the minute US dollar news is also crucial if you’re a business owner or freelancer working with international customers, clients and suppliers.

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