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The euro (EUR) is the official currency in 19 of the 27 EU states – collectively known as the Eurozone or euro area. The euro is also the second most traded currency on global markets, and the second most commonly held reserve currency – in both cases, coming in only behind US dollars. 

Used by over 340 million people, as well as the institutions of the European Union, the euro is one of the most widely circulated currencies in the world. Some EUR1.3 trillion of euro notes and coins are in use today. A broad range of countries in Europe and beyond have also chosen to peg the value of their currencies to the euro, including 16 countries in Africa and 3 French Pacific Territories.

As an important currency for businesses, institutions and governments, the latest euro news and live euro rates have a direct impact on the global economy. You’ll want up to date euro rate news if you’re planning on travelling to the euro area, or need to send a payment in EUR. Whether you’re a traveler, an entrepreneur or simply take an interest in world events, keep reading for all the latest euro currency news.