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Since 2017, we've championed the human side of global finance. With our accessible take on traditional finance media, we bring much-needed transparency to the industry, for people like you. Our daily market analysis and currency news is quick, up to date, and easy to digest. We find the most important bits, and bring them to you in clear, unbiased articles. No fluff. Just the stuff you need to know.

Fiona Cincotta

Editor - Senior Financial Market Analyst - [email protected]

Fiona Cincotta is the financial markets expert who leads the analysis at Currency Live. Through over a decade’s experience analysing and reporting on global currency markets, Fiona has a gained a deep understanding of the fundamental drivers of currencies. Fiona provides regular reports deciphering these movements. She is regularly quoted by international news organisations including Financial Times, Reuters and Bloomberg. Fiona is a familiar face after years of appearances on BBC, Sky News and Fox Business News.

Jared Keleher

Senior Editor - [email protected]

Jared is a Senior Editor for Currency Live. In addition to writing and editing articles, he manages web development and marketing. He's based in the London office, and loves travel, gadgets and entrepreneurship.

Ileana Ionescu

Junior Financial Market Analyst - [email protected]

With a background in business journalism, Ileana works as a Junior Market Analyst for Currency Live and creates content that brings transparency to our audience. Originally from Bucharest, Ileana most commonly transfers EUR to RON and speaks Romanian, English, Italian, Spanish and German.

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