Send money to Tunisia

What is the best TND exchange rate today?

Send money internationally to Tunisia (TND) using the mid-market exchange rate. Check and compare the rates from the major financial providers.

The true cost of sending USD to TND

How much does it cost to send money to Tunisia?

  • International money transfers shouldn’t be expensive.
  • Make sure your provider doesn’t add hidden fees or bad exchange rates to your money transfer.
  • You should choose a provider that uses the mid-market exchange rate to convert your money.

What are the payments methods to send money to Tunisia?

The available payment methods for your international transfer may vary. Most of the times these should be:

  • Debit Card.
  • Credit Card.
  • Bank Transfer.

How long does it take to send money to Tunisia?

How long does an international transfer take? It mostly depends on:

  • Countries you send from and to.
  • Public holidays or weekends.
  • Payment methods.
  • Potential security checks.

Who sends money to Tunisia?

Tunisian migrants: according to the UN department 644'000 Tunisians are residing abroad. Among them, more than the half are in France (382'000), then in Italy, Germany, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Canada, United States and United Kingdom.

People with Tunisian origin who were born overseas: Those people have strong links with their home country and they have relatives there. They send money regularly back to Tunisia.

Travelers to Tunisia: Many tourists visit Tunisia every year.

Companies with a business in Tunisia: Many companies have a base of operations in Tunisia.

How much does it cost to send money to Tunisia?

Sending money to Tunisia is expensive. According to a recent report of the World Bank an international transfer costs on average 12% with a bank while it costs on average 9.6% with a money transfer operator (for a cash service) and 4% for an online service (transfer on a bank account).

What are the solutions for a fast transfer to Tunisia?

When traveling to Tunisia you may be in a urgent need of cash there, for several reasons: because you spent more than expected or because you've lost your purse with all your money inside. What can you do in such a situation?

In that case you can ask a relative to send you money by using an international cash service. There are many options. The most well-known are Western Union, MoneyGram, Ria money transfer, Azimo, or WorldRemit.

This is the fastest way to send money to Tunisia as the recipient can collect the cash in minutes at any physical agency they have in the country. An identification card and a reference number are required. It is far from being the cheapest solution but it is fast, secure and easy. Useful for urgent needs of money.

Moreover in this country you should always have Tunisian Dinar in your purse as the credit or debit card won't be accepted everywhere in the country.

What are the solutions for a cheaper transfer to Tunisia?

If you're a company with business in Tunisia or a migrant abroad in need to send money back home, you'll look for an optimized solution. By optimized solution we mean a cheaper solution without being too complicated to use.

A first option is the bank. Banks are far from being the cheapest option as they offer poor currency exchange rate compared to the official exchange rate you can find on Reuters or Google. And you never know at what time the money will be received on the recipient's account.

Another option is to use an online money transfer operator. Plenty of them exist and offer competitive rates. They all provide different transfer methods, have different rates and different transfer delays. That's why it is important to compare all of them before any transfer. Use a comparison platform to choose the best alternative for your money transfer.