Send money to Switzerland

What is the best CHF exchange rate today?

Send money internationally to Switzerland (CHF) using the mid-market exchange rate. Check and compare the rates from the major financial providers.

The true cost of sending USD to CHF

How much does it cost to send money to Switzerland?

  • International money transfers shouldn’t be expensive.
  • Make sure your provider doesn’t add hidden fees or bad exchange rates to your money transfer.
  • You should choose a provider that uses the mid-market exchange rate to convert your money.

What are the payments methods to send money to Switzerland?

The available payment methods for your international transfer may vary. Most of the times these should be:

  • Debit Card.
  • Credit Card.
  • Bank Transfer.

How long does it take to send money to Switzerland?

How long does an international transfer take? It mostly depends on:

  • Countries you send from and to.
  • Public holidays or weekends.
  • Payment methods.
  • Potential security checks.

Sending money to Switzerland

According to the United Nations, more than 600’000 Swiss people were living abroad in 2013. 80% of them live in Europe and 45’000 in Germany. Around 60’000 of them live in Northern America and 20’000 in Australia and New Zealand.

Switzerland also ranks among the favorite destinations for expatriates in Europe, especially for British and American ones. It also has prestigious universities, specialized in hospitality or science. It means that there are plenty of reasons for one to send money to Switzerland.

Whatever the reason you have to send money to Switzerland, it is important you find the best solution that meet your requirements. Let us guide you to find the best way to send money to Switzerland.

About the Swiss Franc or CHF

The Swiss Franc is famous for being one of the safest currencies in the world due to its reliability and stability. This is the reason why it is often bought when financial uncertainties appear. As surprising as it might be, it is the sixth most traded currency in the world.

What are the solutions to send money to Switzerland?

One might instinctively think that bank is the best place to go to send money to Switzerland. They have had quite a good reputation for a long time after all! But you should forget the bank-to-bank option as even if they claim to do free transfer they end up being the most expensive solution.
There are two reasons for that:

  • Banks generally offer poor exchange rates and will not even communicate them.
  • Hidden fees apply most of the time

Be aware that using Western Union or Moneygram for example will not exempt you from paying hidden fees as well. Indeed, these solutions, as tempting as they might be, turn out to be as expensive as banks.

So what are the options left for you to send money to Switzerland? Online money transfer operators are probably the best option you could find.

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