Send money with Xendpay: All you need to know

Xendpay Review - Introduction

Xendpay is a Rational Group subsidiary. Rational Group has been established in 2005. Its main brand is RationalFX, a broker specialized in big amounts. The headquarters of both organizations are in London. Together. Over $5 billion have been transferred by Rational Group so far.

They are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

  • Firm type: UK-based money transfer operator
  • Technology used: FX services. RationalFX
  • Geographical presence: 173 countries. 48 currencies. 1968 currency pairs
  • Payment options: credit card, debit card and bank transfer
  • Delivery options: Bank deposit
  • Size: +50 employees
  • Security: FCA regulated
  • Trustpilot rating

Xendpay Rating

  • Transfer time: quite fast service.
  • User experience: easy to use.
  • Market coverage: already almost everywhere.
  • Services: the necessary services to send money safely between 2 countries.
  • Trustpilot reviews.

Xendpay Exchange rate & fees

Xendpay shows the exchange rate used and the fees applied. For the first transfers customers can decide how much fees they pay. Xendpay also gives estimations about bank fees, to show people what they can save.

Xendpay market coverage

Xendpay is available for more than 48 currencies thanks to the fact that RationalFX allows to deal with these currencies. It’s a big advantage for such a promising service.

Xendpay Pros & Cons


  • transparent service
  • online quotes
  • easy to open an account

To improve

  • limited ways to send and receive money: receive only by bank transfer
  • not the fastest service yet

How Xendpay works

You open an account with Xendpay, upload some documents to verify your identity. A few hours later you will, if your identity has been successfully verified, receive the payment information for you to upload your money. Then you can make a payment and receive the amount at the recipient’s bank account.

Steps: on the road of a transfer with Xendpay

  • Fill in a form to sign up
  • give info about the recipient
  • upload your documents (ID & proof of address)
  • wait for your identity to be successfully verified
  • use the online platform

Xendpay - Documents needed

Documents needed: ID document and proof of address.