Send money with Tempo Money Transfer: All you need to know

Tempo Money Transfer Review - Introduction

Tempo has been founded with one goal: make a difference. The company’s team accumulates more than 30 years of money transfer expertise. They want to have a social impact on the world. Making a difference is possible only with a convenient and borderless tool.

The founders are mostly expats who have been sustaining their families back home by sending money internationally.

They want to offer the most competitive rates through their secure platform.

  • Firm type: money transfer service
  • Technology used: Trading, CurrencyCloud, P2P, and Blockchain technology
  • Geographical presence: Services with 35 countries. 150 registered agents in France and Germany. 102’000 payout locations. 12 languages
  • Payment options: Bank transfer, credit card and cash
  • Delivery options: Bank deposit and cash
  • Security: FCA authorised and HMRC regulated
  • Size: 3735+ leading partners in 35+ countries
  • Security: Tempo is licensed and approved under the ACPR (Prudential Control Authority and Resolution, Bank of France)

Tempo Money Transfer Rating

An operator is reviewed taking into account many criteria that we classify into 6 categories:

  • Pricing: cost-effective rates for small and medium transfers. Sending more than $10’000 is not their specialty. The company is specialized in amounts under ten thousand euros.
  • Transfer time: Tempo money transfer is providing a fast service. The users can pay via credit/debit card, bank transfer or cash. It allows to improve the speed of money transfers. Users can make instant transfers if they use cash. Otherwise it doesn’t take more than 48 hours.
  • User experience: Facebook rating
  • Market coverage: network of partners like Dirham Express, Sampath Bank, Allied Bank, MetroBank, More money transfers, Smith and Smith, MCN and Unistream money transfers. 102’000 payout locations in +35 countries. Service in 12 languages.

Tempo Money Transfer Exchange Rate & Fees

For small and medium amounts, Tempo is often one of the most cost-effective solution on the market. They have transparent pricing. The fact that they offer true exchange rates is interesting too.

Tempo Money Transfer Market Coverage

Tempo helps people from +35 countries to transfer money internationally. They offer a convenient solution with payouts to +102’000 locations. Both agencies and online services are efficient. They also have partners all over the world. Among them, +150 registered agents offer Tempo in France and Germany.

Tempo Money Transfer Services

Tempo money transfer is a solution which currently has one goal. They want to help people to send money between countries to their family and friends. That’s why they focus on money transfers between countries. They prefer having a convenient service for money transfer rather than having many services which are not perfectly convenient. For money transfers, there are multiple pay in options (credit and debit card, cash, bank wires and others), and multiple payout options, including cash.

Tempo Money Transfer Pros & Cons


  • cost-effective for small and medium amounts
  • fast service: speed from 1 hour to 48 hours

To improve

  • market coverage is not worldwide yet

How Tempo Money Transfer Works

To do a transfer with Tempo, you need to go on or any introducer in Tempo network. You see a quote and if you are happy with it, you can register with them. Once you have made your sign up, you simply make a transaction. Let’s say you transfer 1’000 euros, you can upload the 1’000 euros to Tempo account by credit/debit card or by making a bank wire. When Tempo receives your money, the company will instantly convert the amount in the recipient’s currency and send the money to the recipient.

Steps: on the road of a transfer with Tempo

  • give the necessary information about the recipient
  • give your personal information for the identity check (passport & proof of residence)
  • wait for Tempo Money Transfer to validate your identity (this is a necessary step with all money transmitters, they have to comply with regulations to avoid money laundering and terrorism financing)
  • upload your money to Tempo services. You pay either by credit-debit card or bank transfer. Cash is also accepted in agencies. Tempo will make the currency exchange and send the money directly on the recipient’s account

Account with Tempo – Documents needed:

  • Passport.
  • One proof of address.
  • Bank statements and utility bills are accepted.
  • Government documents too.
  • Mobile phone bills might not be accepted.