Ria Money Transfer: A Review 

Ria was set up in New York to allow people to remit money home, way back in 1987. Over the years the business has expanded to become one of the largest money transfer services around. These days, Ria has both online and in person services, offering payments in many different currencies, to 167 countries around the world.

If you’re thinking of using Ria to make a cross border payment, you’ll find all you need to know in this guide.

How Ria Money Transfer Works: A Review

Ria processes huge volumes of payments, all over the world. You can set up a transfer online or in person, paying by card, bank transfer, or cash at an agent location or even a 7-Eleven store. Payments can be delivered directly into a bank account for convenience, or picked up in cash if they are urgent.

Check out this review to learn more about how to use Ria, as well as the fees and exchange rates you need to know about.

How to send money with Ria Money Transfer

Ria customers can send money online or by visiting a Ria agent. It’s also possible to start your payment online, and then make payment in cash at a 7-Eleven store near you. Here’s what you’ll need to do.

Send money online with Ria

  • Create an account online with Ria, or log in if you already have one
  • Model your payment, entering the amount to send, payment method and the destination country
  • You’ll now be able to see the fees and exchange rates available for your transfer – click Send Now to confirm the payment
  • Enter the details of your recipient including full name and contact information
  • Confirm how you want the payment to be received, and follow the prompts to add in all the information needed to process the transfer

Send money at a Ria location

  • Find a convenient Ria location, using the location finder tool available online
  • Confirm the transfer details, and the agent will tell you the fees and exchange rate available
  • Pay for your transfer in cash

Send money at a 7-Eleven

Ria also offers the option of starting your payment online and paying in cash at a PayNearMe location, like a 7-Eleven store. This can be helpful if you want the convenience of arranging your payment online, but don’t want to pay using a card. You can find a full list of participating locations online.

How to receive money with Ria Money Transfer

You’ll be able to receive money directly to your bank account, or for cash collection at a Ria location. In a few countries, you can also have the money delivered to you at home. This service is available in Armenia, Dominican Republic, Hungary, Morocco, the Philippines and Vietnam.

If you’re receiving a payment directly into your bank account, you won’t need to do anything – the money will simply arrive there once it’s processed. You can track your payment to check when to expect it, online.

To collect cash at an agent location you’ll need your government issued ID, as well as the order number which the sender will give you. Make sure the sender gives your name exactly as on your government ID when they place the payment order.

Ria fees

The fee you’ll pay to send money with Ria depends on how you fund the payment, where you’re sending to, and the value of the transfer. You can model the transfer online to see the fee and exchange rate you’ll receive.

It’s worth noting that extra charges may be applied, for example, if they are required by the local rules in the destination country, or if the recipient’s own bank deducts a fee. Full details are in the terms and conditions document which you’ll find on the Ria website. There’s also a fee included in the exchange rate used by Ria – more on that below.

Ria exchange rate

When you start to set up your payment, you’ll see the exchange rate which is offered for your currency pairing. This rate will include a markup on the mid-market rate, which is the one you’ll get on Google. 

The markup is kept by Ria or the Ria agent as an additional commission, above the service fee you pay. Compare the rate you’re given for your international transfer, with the Google exchange rate to see the difference.

Ria Money Transfer Pros & Cons 

There are many different money transfer services available, so it’s worth comparing the features and costs of a few of them before you decide which to use. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of using Ria, to kick off your research.


  • Over 397,000 locations worldwide to choose from
  • Send and receive in 167 different countries
  • Have your recipient collect cash in person – handy if they don’t have access to a bank account
  • Card payments are typically available quickly – within 15 minutes


  • The total fee may be high compared to some other providers, especially when you take into account the exchange rates used
  • The markup on the exchange rate can make it hard to see the true price of your transfer
  • If your payment is subject to security review it will mean it takes longer for your recipient to get their money

The good news is that there are many different ways to send money abroad – even if this can mean it feels a little overwhelming when it comes to choosing a payment provider. Doing some research in advance, and checking the exchange rates and fees offered by different services is the best way to save money and get a good deal on your international transfer.

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