Hola ¿qué tal? You will need a bit more than this if you are planning to move to Spain, Central-South America or Mexico. Don’t worry there are plenty of apps out there to help you learn Spanish. Forget about the old grammar books or conjugation tables. Apps make it easy and fun to learn Spanish. It even feels more like you are playing than learning.

We’ve tested and selected 5 of them for you.


Price: Free –

Learning Spanish with Duolingo is quite fun and easy. On Duolingo each language devises into units like food, animals, work, and family. Each unit is then divided into sub-units (from 1 to 10). Exercises consist of:

  • Translation from English to Spanish
  • Listening, reading and speaking
  • Rearranging words to make a sentence

Each sub-unit contains around 20 questions.

Learning with Duolingo is simple: Follow your progress in real time as your gauges increase. There is not any grammar lesson in Duolingo but you will learn the most used tenses. Spend 20 minutes on the app every day and you’ll be able to go through 3-4 lessons. At that path will be finished in 3 to 4 months.

There are cool features in Duolingo. You can challenge your friends and compete with them. Make sure you set a daily alarm and tracker to measure your progress. The virtual store enables you to buy extra lessons such as “flirting” or “idioms”.


Price: 15-day free trial then $15 month or $120 per year –

FluentU is a quite unique app. Lessons are based on real Spanish videos (news, commercial, music). The aim is to immerse you into the language. When learning a new language you often feel disconnected from the real world. No such feelings with FluentU.

Each video comes with a transcript in both English and Spanish. At any time you can pause the video and tap on a word to see its definition. Another good aspect of FluentU is that you get to discover the culture at the same time.


Price: Free –

Another unique app as its purpose is to help you learn Spanish words. Nothing more. You have several options like “Basic Mexican Spanish” or “250 most used Spanish words”. You’ll learn on average 15 words per lesson.

No boring repetition of words here. Instead, the app helps you learn a word by thinking about it in a funny way. For example for bañarse, which means “to bathe oneself”, this sentence will be suggested: “However shy you are of nakedness as you bathe yourself, you’ll never be able to ban your arse from the bath!”. Sentences are generally pretty funny and it works! You definitely remember the word!

Memrise teaches you Spanish in a very unique and creative way.


Price: Free + Premium plan –

Busuu’s main strength is its community of users. Like with many language app, you’ll be reading, writing, listening. On the other hand, conversation practise is a big component of the Busuu. In each lesson, you’ll be practising with native speakers of the community.

Using Busuu is better for those who already have a basic understanding of Spanish.

Did you know that Busuu is a language spoken by only 3 people in the world (as of 2005)?

Mind snacks

Price: $4,99 for one language –

MindSnacks Spanish is divided into 9 games designed. Each game focuses on a topic like food or family. The app uses an algorithm to personalise the learning experience. If you’re struggling with some vocab, you’ll be repeating them at some point.Yet, it feels like the design of the app is more tailored to children.

There you go! You do not have any excuses left no to start learning Spanish.
We’ve missed an incredible app? Feel free to suggest it in the comments below.

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