We have tried to combine in one single article the best apps you might need as an expat. We have also asked our bloggers we are working with what were their favourite ones.

Social media


No need to introduce Facebook any more. It one of the most used app in the world and turns out very helpful to keep in touch with your friends while travelling. Moreover, Messenger has a feature called Facetime which allows you to call your friend for free!


Twitter is quite useful if you want to stay informed about what is happening in your country or in the world. The only problem with it is that it is quite hard to catch up with the news if you’ve been away from a Wi-fi connection for a while.


Snapchat is a fun way to send news to your friends and family. Make a selfie or a picture, choose who can see it and you’re done. You can now add emojis and funny items to your pics.


Whatsapp allows you to text and make phone call for free. While abroad trying to call someone with a foreign phone number can be very expensive, with Whatsapp you only need a web connection.


Skype works like a phone, with the video. It is very used by freelancers, expats and world travelers.


Instagram is probably the best app to share picture of your trips or new life. You can now even make short videos called “Stories”. The filters for the pictures are also great!



Tricount is perfect if you are travelling with a group of friends. It basically helps you to organize your group expenses, who paid for who? who has to pay you back? etc.


Neomy works like a personal assistant and sends you alerts when you should make a transfer (i.e. when the exchange rate is in your favour). It’s a great way to monitor exchange rates without having to do anything, just subscribe to the alerts. Thanks to Neomy you’ll be able to optimize your transfers and save between 2 and 5% on your transfers.


xe currency gives you very detailed information about exchange rates (exchange rates, graphs etc.) Not as fun as Neomy but it can be useful if you need to know an exchange rate in particular at a certain moment.


Pumpkin is an app that allows you to pay back your friends or anyone else. No need to chase your friends asking them to pay you back, poke them via the app and they’ll be able to pay you back instantly. Upload your bank information and people will be able to wire money from the app.

Budget My Trip

Budget is nice to deal with your travelling budget. Enter any expense and the app will tell you when you should stop spending money, how your expenses are spread (flights, food etc.). Monitoring your budget can definitely allows you to travel for a longer period!

Moving around


Uber are like taxis but much better! It’s cheaper and drivers are nice. The app allows you to get an estimation of the cost of your ride, which is impossible with taxis! Order it from anywhere and Uber will come to pick you up. In some countries you can even share a Uber with people you do not know to split the costs.


CityMapper is an app that tells you how to go from A to B in a given city. You’ll be given several options such as local buses, trains, metros and even Uber. You can choose the cheapest, fastest or whatever you prefer. Once you’ve selected your option, the app will be guiding you. Very helpful when you are new to a city.


Waze works like a GPS and it is collaborative. It means that people can indicate if they witness an accident, if they are stuck in traffic jam etc. The app is actually used by Uber drivers to find the shortest way to drive you to your destination


Skyscanner is a flight comparison website which helps you find the cheapest flights, hotels or car rentals. As for any comparison page you’ll be able to filter the results according to your needs and easily find the best solution for you.



With no doubts, Booking.com is the reference in terms of hotel reservations. You just have to enter your destination, the dates of your stay and Booking does the job for you. Boum! Then, you just need to pick the hotel you prefer, it might be the cheapest, the closest to a park etc.


Airbnb is revolutionizing the way we travel by enabling people to stay in locals’ apartment.You can either rent an entire house, flat, boat or just book a room at someone’s place. It’s great to meet locals and visit a city. On the other hand if you are planning to travel for a long time you can rent your flat on Airbnb to get an extra money.



Tinder is widely known for its localization option. Therefore you can start dating from anywhere in the world. Just accept or refuse the profiles the app suggests you and you can start talking to people you’ve shortlisted.

Meet Up

Meet up is a social app that enables you to meet people depending on their interests. You can create events (called meet-ups) or join some in order to meet people. It is a good way to know what’s happening in a city and what are the best places to have a drink.

Learn a new language


Image-it is a dictionary made with images to help learn a language more easily. No more excuses not to start learning a language!


As an expat, we are always willing to learn some basics of our new country’s language but do not necessarily have time. This is no more an excuse with Duolingo. Lessons are divided into small sessions, you can set-up your objectives and follow your progression. The app makes you work on vocabulary, oral comprehension, and grammar.



MyDIstrikt is an app that helps tourists discover a city thanks to locals. The app creates links between tourists and locals who share their favourite places in their neighbourhood. The app is perfect if you like to go off the beaten tracks and to avoid touristy places.


Who goes to a restaurant today without checking Tripadvisor’s reviews? Apart from reviews, Tripadvisor enables you to book a restaurant, hotel or activity. It’s good to have everywhere with you all these reviews that you can check before choosing where you’ll have dinner.

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