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About HKD

The Hong Kong dollar is the official currency of Hong Kong, and also used in nearby Macau.

You'll find the Hong Kong dollar marked as HKD in currency exchanges, with the symbols $ or HK$ commonly used in Hong Kong itself. As well as the main currency for the nearly 7.5 million people living in Hong Kong, HKD is also the 9th most commonly traded currency in the world.

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What is HKD currency?

The currency code HKD refers to the Hong Kong dollar - the official currency of Hong Kong.

When was the HKD introduced?

When Hong Kong was first founded, the currency which was mainly used was the silver dollar - although as is to be expected in a trading and financial centre, other major currencies also circulated. The silver dollar remained the main currency until 1935 when a silver crisis led to a decision to link Hong Kong dollars to pounds sterling instead of the silver standard. One dollar HKD notes were introduced at around the same time, and the HKD was recognised as the official currency by the government.

What is the currency symbol for the Hong Kong dollar?

The symbol used for the Hong Kong dollar may simply be $, or HK$ to differentiate from other dollar currencies. The Chinese character 元 is also used to show Hong Kong dollars - while currency exchanges and other official sources may use the code HKD.

How much is a Hong Kong dollar worth?

The Hong Kong dollar is linked to the value of the US dollar, with one US dollar equal to HKD7.80. That means that the value of the Hong Kong dollar will rise and fall according to the value of USD. You'll need to check a reputable online currency converter tool to find the live value of HKD compared to your home currency.

Best HKD exchange rate?

You can find the mid-market HKD exchange rate for your currency by using a Google search or a reliable online currency converter. However, don't forget that banks and currency exchange services may add a markup or margin to the exchange rate they offer customers. That's an extra fee and can make it tricky to see the real price you're paying for international transactions. To get the best HKD exchange rate, choose a service which offers the mid-market exchange rate and uses a transparent fee.

Is HKD pegged to USD?

Since 1983, the value of the Hong Kong dollar has been linked to the value of USD. 1 USD is worth HKD7.80.