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About GBP

GBP is the abbreviation of Great British Pound. The pound, or sterling as it is also known, is the official currency of the United Kingdom and some of its overseas territories. It is also the currency used in UK crown dependencies the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. There are numerous currencies which are pegged to the pound. These include the Guernsey pound, the Manx pound and the Gibraltar pound to name a few.

Sterling is one of the most widely traded currencies in the world after the US dollar, euro and Japanese yen. It accounts for around 13% of daily trading volume on global foreign exchange markets and is the oldest currency still being used as legal tender.

GBP profile

  • Currency name: Pound Sterling
  • ISO code: GBP
  • Symbol: £
  • Subunit: Penny
  • Minor unit: 1/100 = Penny
  • Rank by most traded currencies: 4
  • Daily global trade share: 6.45%
  • Central Bank: Bank of England
  • Number of using countries: 10

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Pound Sterling (GBP) live exchange rates table

More GBP exchange rates

  Currency 1 GBP equals Conversion % Change (24 hours) In GBP Reverse conversion
Euro 1.17 GBP EUR 0.00 0.86 EUR GBP
Australian Dollar 1.9 GBP AUD 0.00 0.53 AUD GBP
Bangladeshi Taka 148.529 GBP BDT 0.00 0.007 BDT GBP
Brazilian Real 6.48 GBP BRL 0.00 0.15 BRL GBP
Bulgarian Lev 2.29 GBP BGN 0.00 0.44 BGN GBP
Canadian Dollar 1.73 GBP CAD 0.00 0.58 CAD GBP
Chilean Peso 1131.25 GBP CLP 0.00 0.0009 CLP GBP
Chinese Yuan Renminbi (RMB) 9.18 GBP CNY 0.00 0.11 CNY GBP
Colombian Peso 4863.4 GBP COP 0.00 0.0002 COP GBP
Costa Rican Colon 650.374 GBP CRC 0.00 0.002 CRC GBP
Czech Koruna 28.86 GBP CZK 0.00 0.03 CZK GBP
Danish Krone 8.72 GBP DKK 0.00 0.11 DKK GBP
Egyptian Pound 59.59 GBP EGP 0.00 0.02 EGP GBP
Fiji Dollar 2.85 GBP FJD 0.00 0.35 FJD GBP
Georgian Lari 3.51 GBP GEL 0.00 0.29 GEL GBP
Ghanaian Cedi 17.49 GBP GHS 0.00 0.06 GHS GBP
Guatemalan Quetzal 9.87 GBP GTQ 0.00 0.1 GTQ GBP
Hong Kong Dollar 9.91 GBP HKD 0.00 0.1 HKD GBP
Hungarian Forint 452.34 GBP HUF 0.00 0.002 HUF GBP
Indian Rupee 105.798 GBP INR 0.00 0.009 INR GBP
Indonesian Rupiah 20265.2 GBP IDR 0.00 0.00005 IDR GBP
Israeli New Shekel 4.71 GBP ILS 0.00 0.21 ILS GBP
Japanese Yen 197.718 GBP JPY 0.00 0.005 JPY GBP
Kenyan Shilling 166.993 GBP KES 0.00 0.006 KES GBP
Swiss Franc 1.15 GBP CHF 0.00 0.87 CHF GBP
Malaysian Ringgit 5.95 GBP MYR 0.00 0.17 MYR GBP
Mexican Peso 21.1 GBP MXN 0.00 0.05 MXN GBP
Moroccan Dirham 12.64 GBP MAD 0.00 0.08 MAD GBP
Nepalese Rupee 169.354 GBP NPR 0.00 0.006 NPR GBP
New Zealand Dollar 2.07 GBP NZD 0.00 0.48 NZD GBP
Norwegian Krone 13.56 GBP NOK 0.00 0.07 NOK GBP
Pakistani Rupee 353.419 GBP PKR 0.00 0.003 PKR GBP
Philippine Peso 73.3 GBP PHP 0.00 0.01 PHP GBP
Polish Zloty 4.98 GBP PLN 0.00 0.2 PLN GBP
Romanian New Leu 5.81 GBP RON 0.00 0.17 RON GBP
Singapore Dollar 1.71 GBP SGD 0.00 0.59 SGD GBP
South African Rand 23.07 GBP ZAR 0.00 0.04 ZAR GBP
South Korean Won 1719.72 GBP KRW 0.00 0.0006 KRW GBP
Sri Lankan Rupee 380.105 GBP LKR 0.00 0.003 LKR GBP
Swedish Krona 13.61 GBP SEK 0.00 0.07 SEK GBP
Tanzanian Shilling 3299.32 GBP TZS 0.00 0.0003 TZS GBP
Thai Baht 45.84 GBP THB 0.00 0.02 THB GBP
Turkish Lira 40.94 GBP TRY 0.00 0.02 TRY GBP
Ugandan Shilling 4802.44 GBP UGX 0.00 0.0002 UGX GBP
Ukrainian Hryvnia 49.79 GBP UAH 0.00 0.02 UAH GBP
United Arab Emirates Dirham 4.67 GBP AED 0.00 0.21 AED GBP
US Dollar 1.27 GBP USD 0.00 0.79 USD GBP
Uruguayan peso 48.93 GBP UYU 0.00 0.02 UYU GBP
Vietnamese Dong 32324.3 GBP VND 0.00 0.00003 VND GBP

Mid-market rates, correct as of 18th May 2024, 11:00 GMT.

GBP - Latest news & analysis

When was the British pound introduced?

The British pound has its roots way back in 8th century Anglo-Saxon England, when it was the equivalent of a pound weight of silver. By the 12th century, the coinage had started to be minted from sterling silver - a stronger mix of silver and other metals, which would not wear down so quickly. This became the standard - the pound sterling.

Over time, as with all major currencies, sterling became a currency established by government regulation rather than having its own intrinsic value. Paper money started to be issued, and coins are used as tokens rather than because they are - in themselves - worth much.

Fast forward to more recent times, and the decimalized pound as we now know it was introduced in 1971. Decimalization removed old units like shillings, so one pound sterling can simply be counted as 100 pennies.

Is Pound sterling the same as British pound?

If you hear someone talk about pounds sterling, or even just sterling currency, they’re likely talking about British pounds.

How to type British pound symbol?

You’ll see the symbol £ used for pounds sterling, as well as the currency code GBP.

What countries use the British pound?

The pound is used in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, British Antarctic Territory, British Indian Ocean Territory, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.

British Crown dependencies such as the islands of Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man use pounds which are locally issued, but fully equivalent to British pounds sterling.

Pounds are also used - sometimes alongside another, local currency - in some other countries and territories, including Gibraltar, the Falkland Islands, and Tristan da Cuhna. In these regions, the currency is guaranteed to be equivalent to the pound sterling by the local government.

It’s worth noting that some other countries also use a currency called the pound, which is not connected or equivalent to British pounds sterling. For example, the currency used in Egypt, Syria or Sudan is also called the pound, but is not in any way tied to sterling.

Best exchange rate for British pound?

The exchange rate for dollars - or any other currency - to pounds sterling changes all the time, according to market demand. To find the exchange rate for your currency, you can use a simple Google search, or get an online currency converter tool which will tell you the mid-market exchange rate.

The mid-market exchange rate is the one shown on currency converters and reputable sources like Reuters, because it’s the rate used by banks when they buy and sell currency on global currency markets. It is worth noting, however, that this may not be the exchange rate you’re given when you change currency yourself.

When getting travel money, or sending a payment overseas as a retail customer, banks and payment providers often add a markup to the exchange rate they use. This is an extra fee and makes it tricky to see exactly what you’re paying for your transaction.

To get the best rate available, compare the exchange rate you’ve been offered against the mid-market exchange rate, or choose a provider which only uses the mid-market rate for currency conversion, such as WiseW.

How much is a British pound?

The price of the pound rises and falls along with the market. To find out how much the pound will cost today, you’ll need to check out the latest exchange rates, which are available online or using a currency converter tool.

What is the lowest the pound has ever been against the US dollar?

In February 1985, one British pound would buy you only USD1.09. This was the weakest the pound has ever been against the US dollar, which was riding high on the currency markets.

More recently, the pound has been volatile against the dollar, hitting the lowest point since 1985 in March 2020, at around USD1.14 to the pound.

What is the lowest the pound has ever been against the euro?

The pound hit its lowest point against the euro at the end of December 2008. On 29 December 2008, one pound was worth only EUR1.02.